Student Council


Our Student’s Council

Our student council consists ofrepresenting all nineteen classes in the school. Each child is selected by his or her peers to represent their class on the council.

Role of Our Student Council:

  • Meetings:Meet regularly to discuss school-related issues.
  • Welcome Guests: Welcome guests to the school and direct them to their seats when there is an event in the school hall.
  • Science Week: Welcome parents and use iPads to explain various experiments to parent visitors.
  • Arts Week: Welcome guests and facilitate parents in purchasing their children’s art and poetry.
  • School Newsletter for Website: The boys and girls co-ordinate and collect articles from their respective classes. The senior students from 5th & 6th Classes edit and produce the final newsletter.
  • Yard Buddies: Support the 3rd & 4th Class children with play on the yard.
  • Bring & Buy Sale in June: Raise funds for our twin school in Mozambique run by Mr. Fitzsimons (former teacher in St. Mark’s)
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