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The professionalism and enthusiasm of the teacher of St. Mark's Senior National School is clearly evident both in the classroom and in the extensive programme of extra curricular activities. Our children are taught by talented teacher who are caring and committed and who have high expectations of the children and of themselves.

Staff List 2018/2019


Mr. R. Walsh

Deputy Principal

Ms. C. Whan


Ms. M. Quinn


Mr. V. Murphy

3rd Class Teachers

Mr. S. Daly

Ms. A. Dunne

Ms. S. Martin

Ms. A. Hornibrook

Mr. J. Riddell

4th Class Teachers

Mr. S. McEnhill

Ms. Eve Murray

Ms. T. Long

Ms. P. Murphy

Mr. M. Daly

5th Class Teachers

Ms. K. O'Connor

Mr. D. Hegarty

Mr. P. O'Connor

Ms. C. Carroll

Ms. C. McCarthy

6th Class Teachers

Ms. F. Gargan

Mr. A. Faughey

Ms. L. Devaney

Mr. J. Barker

Ms. B. Crosbie

Special Education Teachers

Ms. A. Blacoe

Ms. Nicola Butler

Ms. N. Rabbitte

Mr. M. Durkin

Ms. F. Higgins

Ms. B. Jones

Ms. C. Killilea

Ms. C. Kissane

Ms. D. Lunny

Ms. E. Ledwith

Ms. L. McEvoy

Mr. M. O'Shea

Ms. K. Ryan

Mr. J. Shorten

Ms. C. Wyer

Special Needs Assistants

Ms. A. Bolster

Ms. J. Malone

Ms. A. O'Dwyer

Ms. S. O'Leary

Ms. A. O'Toole

Ms. A. O'Toole

Ms. E. Rafferty

Ms. L. Richardson

Ms. M. Shaw

Ms. S. Whelan

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