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St. Mark’s Parent Teacher Association

We are indeed fortunate to have a very active, effective, co-operative and supportive Parent Teacher Association. The P.T.A is composed of 10 elected parents and 4 non voting members of the teaching staff. The annual A.G.M. is usually held in October each year.

During the winter months St. Mark’s P.T.A. organise a Movie Club. This year the club had a membership of 180 children. Movie Nights are held on a fortnightly basis, Friday evening from 6.50pm - 8.50 pm. Only children in St. Mark’s S.N.S. are eligible to become members. The Movie Club is restricted to members only.

We are very grateful to the members of the Parent Teacher Association who put tremendous work into organising fundraising for the school. Their work and support is invaluable to the school community.Their generous contributions have enhanced every aspect of our school life in Saint Mark’s S.N.S..

The members of our Parents’ Association contribute to the formulation of all school policy documents in their capacity as partners in education. If any new parents should wish to know more about the Parents’ Association, they are encouraged to contact either the Chairperson or the Secretary, whose names are listed below.

Ashling Whelan Chairperson
Adrienne Elliott Secretary
Pearl Doran Treasurer
Sarah Conroy Assistant Secretary
Tanya Hartigan Assistant Chairperson
Ashling Whelan Assistant Treasurer
Suzanne McLoughlin
Yvonne Campbell
Sharon Doyle
Liz McKeown
Andrea Shodipo
Kelly Molloy
Raimonda Pakutkaite
Teacher Members
Richie Walsh
Clodagh Whan
Christine Wyer
Mark Murphy
St. Mark's S.N.S.
Maplewood Road
Dublin 24

01 451 3138

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