Back to School September 2nd 2019

Back to School September 2nd 2019

Dear Parents

We hope you have all enjoyed the summer break and are ready for another great year ahead. We look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday and meeting all our new pupils who will be joining St. Mark’s S.N.S this year.

St. Mark’s S.N.S will reopen on Monday the 3rd of September. Please see below details of meeting points and times for each year group:

  • 8.50 am: School Yard: New 4th Class
  • 8.50 am: School Hall: New 6th Class
  • 9.30 am: School Hall: New 5th Class
  • 10.00 am:School Hall :New 3rd Class

If you have not done so already, we strongly encourage you to download our school app - iclasscms. This will be our main port of contact for important messages throughout the year and it also allows you to access school news updates and our school calendar.

Your sincerely,

Richie Walsh


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This is a letter from Fr. Pat McKinley V.F. On behalf of the parishes of Tallaght Deanery
Gentle Reminder: All Communication with Parents of children attending St. Mark's SNS is done through the School App. Parents please download the app. See Below!
We are working with the sixth class teachers preparing a special Graduation Video for you to mark the end of your four years with us here in Saint Mark’s S.N.S. We will send you a link to this video on Thurs 25th June at 11 am
We are organising the return of your child/ren's school Rental Books (Maths/ English/ Irish) along with any Library Books borrowed on Wednesday next 17th June 2020.
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