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The Gaeilge curriculum is presented in two separate sections: the first for English-medium schools, and the second for Gaeltacht and all-Irish schools. In English-medium schools, the curriculum is designed to enable children to develop communicative competence in Irish in an enjoyable way. It also enhances the cultural identity of the child through cultural awareness activities.

In Irish-medium schools, the Gaeilge curriculum is designed so that children can develop greater mastery of the language, in a way which enhances their intellectual, emotional and imaginative development. It also supports their learning in other curriculum areas.

The benefits to children of being bilingual at an early age include enhanced self-esteem, positive attitude towards language learning, and greater cognitive flexibility.

Common to both sections is the use of a communicative task-based approach, where children have opportunities to use Irish in a range of contexts and for different purposes. Themes and topics are based on children’s interests and needs.