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The sacrament of confirmation is linked with Baptism and Eucharist. Together they are the sacraments of entry into the life of the church. At Confirmation the candidates are anointed with the power of the Holy Spirit to profess their faith and to witness to the truth of it. The candidates are called to know Christ and to make Christ known in love, peace, justice and reconciliation, throughout their lives.

The celebration of Confirmation is a great faith event in the life of St. Mark's Parish. It is a time of celebration and renewal of faith for the whole community, as well as for the candidates and their families. Home, school and parish co-operate to help the candidates make a serious choice of and commitment to Christ. as they ask the church for the sacrament of Confirmation.

At. baptism, the sponsor is the person who will help the candidate persevere in Christian faith, assisting the parents in this. It is desirable that the sponsors at Baptism should continue the sponsorship at Confirmation. Sponsorship requires a certain maturity of faith and religious practice. Sponsorship requires a deliberate intention to support the candidate in faith and their own religious practice. A sponsor should normally be sixteen years of age.

Prior to the celebration of Confirmation, candidates are invited and urged to abstain from alcohol for an agreed number of years and from substance abuse (harmful drugs) for life. This is proposed out of a sense of sacrifice and love for God. It also takes account of the history of alcohol and drug abuse in society. Preparation for the pledge is an opportunity for family consultation and decision making about life choice.

The purpose of taking a saint's or a biblical person's name at Confirmation is to follow the example of a person who has lived a life of committed faith that is acknowledged by the church. Help your child to know the story of the saint whose name they choose.

Prayer Sponsors
Parishioners are invited to pray for each candidate and send them a card at Confirmation time.

The candidates will spend a day on retreat at Shalom Parish House. It is a valuable part of the preparation and emphasises the importance of the step they are taking in Christian living. The retreat will be guided by our chaplain Fr. Eamonn Bourke with a team of parents. Twenty five parent volunteers are needed. The retreat will cost £1.00 per child.

Baptism Certificate
Candidates baptised outside the parish, please bring a Baptism Certificate in before Christmas. One way to get the certificate is to send a S.A.E. with the details to the church of the Baptism. Children baptised in the Parish are to let us know the month and year of Baptism.

Partnership in Preparation
Preparation for Confirmation is a partnership between candidate,home, school and parish. At home, pray and discuss with your child, follow the school religion programme, help your child to go to Mass and grow to love Mass. Help them to connect Christian faith with their daily living. Share the gifts of the Holy Spirit with them.